We simplify everyday life for real estate agents.

High Estate is a completely new service that makes life easier for you as a real estate agent. With our brokerage system and brokerage concept, you have more time to sell homes and nurture your customer relationships. The administrative aspects? We take care of them.

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Great Value For All Brokerage Firms

With High Estate, you get the resources of the big brokerage firm at your back, regardless of whether you are a one-man firm or a smaller brokerage firm. With our model, you get lower fixed costs while making your work more efficient. We take care of the often time-consuming administrative aspects of the mediation assignment.

With us you are safe.

Real estate agents and assistants who have more than twenty thousand assignments behind them work with us. We have gathered those who love administration and service in one place.

Spend time on the customer. Not the administration.

As a broker, you probably spend several hours a week on administrative work - completely unnecessarily. By letting us take over parts of the brokerage mission, you get more time to nurture your customer relationships, hold showings and process interested speculators. You simply become a more present and accessible broker - and your clients will thank you.

Double your intake.

Time is money! And when you no longer need to waste precious time on administration, you can instead focus on taking on more assignments. With our brokerage concept, you can streamline your work in every assignment by up to 100%. This means that you can do twice as many missions in the same time, or get 50% more time to do other things.

A fixed fee for each mediation.

You always pay a fixed fee for each brokerage assignment you hire us for. The price includes, among other things, preparation of object description, photography, advertising on all housing portals and social media, access to speculator register and broker system, preparation of contract, access, and much more.

Our model

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