About Us

We are convinced that the broker adds a great deal of value to the process of selling a home, but that the broker's tools and working methods can be improved, then the profitability of the broker increases and at the same time you can offer both buyers and sellers a better experience.
High Estate is not just a new broker system, we will be able to offer the broker corps a completely new way of working where our system is only a part.
We have developed a model where the entire chain from the generation of leads to the completion of the assignment is part of our concept.
Our service is completely focused on simplifying the everyday life of the broker rather than adding a lot of complicated features.
In the same way that Henry Ford revolutionized the car industry with the assembly line, we have divided the sales process into several stages where different specialists take care of each step in the process and can thus be extremely efficient.
On the owner's side, there is a team with extensive experience in the brokerage industry, sales, marketing and system development as well as a successful investment company with a focus on IT and technology.